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Special items are very collectible because they will be combinable with your Digibyte Elf to make an even more rare 1/1 Elf. (The Special item and your Elf will be sent to Majestic Jay and burned.) You will receive the new elf that is created. You can get these chips by doing special quests on twitter posted by Majestic Jay, by becoming a Digibyte Elf Society board member (Receive 10), or you may see them in the elf store on some days. To set up the special item combination. 1. Message @majesticjay218 on twitter or on telegram @majesticjay21 and tell him what you would like to combine. Give Digibyte elf number and Item name. (DO NOT DO NEXT STEPS UNTIL MAJESTIC JAY HAS CONFIRMED OR YOU COULD LOSE ITEMS.) 2. Send in the Digibyte Elf and the Item to Wallet DLstC5wedL6cZ5hVAG5wA5BKfqdksBPqkM 3. These assets will be burned. 4. Receive your new elf NFT. Must use on or before Dec 31 2023


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